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RE: Characteristics of Innovative Communities

This is really my area of interest for the Millennial Library; how
community needs interface with libraries in regards to environmental
and sustainability concerns. And how does it translate from the
inter/national to the local level in terms of environmental education
for librarians, and basic resources and facilities that are needed?
How has it been approached? What communities are prototypes to
observe and what have they learned? I didn't know about the two
public libraries, the one in Sarasota and the one in San Diego,
devoted to environmental concerns.  I would really like to hear
more about the history of these libraries, who was involved, what
level of community input, and what was learned, etc? What can you
tell us about Global Action Plan? Access to enviro info is like an
accordion with very many levels and it is also highly interdisciplinary
and outside the traditional comfortable library confines. Public
access has to have some of all of that in my opinion. I would like
to see us be able to identify more clearly the various levels,
constituencies and "see" the web as we need to envision it in order
to make real progress.

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