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Libraries as a Community Resource for Environmental Information



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  • Who should participate.The Dialogue welcomes individuals interested in exploring how the EPA can best make use of libraries for public access to environmental information. We anticipate dynamic and productive discussions with a wide variety of groups. We have representatives of all types of libraries, environmental organizations, community groups and tribal government, local, state and regional environmental agencies, small and large community planning organizations, industry, elected officials, and the environmental press. We encourage interested citizens to join the discussion and devote a minimum of one-half an hour each day studying background materials, reading discussion messages and periodically contributing comments and questions. The results of the Dialogue will inform EPA as it considers the role of librarians as a bridge to communities for environmental data and information. Thank you for your interest in this important discussion.

  • What is involved. Participants can learn about environmental resources and public access to these resources through the Briefing Book section of the Web site. Participation in the Dialogue will involve about thirty minutes a day to review incoming messages and make comments, as appropriate.

  • Register now! To participate simply complete the Dialogue registration form. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration. Please encourage your friends and colleagues to join the activity as well. Simply use the "Send Page" feature of your Web browser to mail them a copy of this Web page.

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