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Introduction & Thoughts on EPA

Good morning everyone.

I really enjoyed reading all of the messages yesterday and I look forward to participating in this dialogue. I am an environmental specialist with the City of Minneapolis Department of Environmental Management. In other words, I'm somewhat of a jack of all trades. I'm also a full-time grad student at the University of Minnesota completing a masters program in Public Policy.

In response to the question of the day, I think the EPA needs to provide a better on-line catalog in terms of federal regulations and case precedent. Although I'm certain that the information is there on the website, it isn't terribly easy to track things down. I spent several hours last week attempting to find federal statutes or case precedent relating to the meat packing industry. I essentially found what I was looking for, but I was really frustrated by the lack of direction on the website. I think on-line catalogs/databases must be accessible and assembled in an easy-to-use manner. The ability to access federal regulations by subject matter seemed lacking to me.

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