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The Internet is not the one-stop solution for all customers

The virtual galleria..the the one stop shopping partner for all interested consumers..not hardly is my answer.

Good afternoon everyone,

Wow... I read or scanned just about everything that was printed yesterday..pretty impressive stuff..I was very thrilled to see several people online from Orange County, New York. Way to go my fellow New Yorkers..I love NY and its beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains, the black dirt area, waterfalls, orchards and dairy farms. To all you non-New Yorker..we are not all blacktop, skyscrapers and subways you might have been lead to believe..we are truly worth least once in a lifetime.

Now to respond to yesterdays ?

The Internet has bridged the environmental information gap. However, its footings are not strong enough. The virtual galleria of information is like shopping for bargains at the local mall.. sometimes that bargain isn't a bargain after all. You might be stuck with a look alike inferior product or you've spent to much time going store to store(window shopping) searching for the right informational outfit..only to find it's not freedom of information you found but you'll need to free up your credit card for that all-important book on the subject. Additionally, you are subjected to the rambling of an salesperson (author) not unlike myself who has a strong subjective opinion, that they would like you to hear (buy). Finally, when you find the appropriate resource you find out you need a PhD in computer science. To be able to decipher secret codes you'll need to (shop somewhere else) i.e. go back to law school and obtain a environmental law degree
..and most important of all..have the patience of a saint.

Deborah M. Glover

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