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Tips on using Subject headers and making Replies to comments

Pat Bonner and I had a conversation about making "Replies" to a message and creating good Subject headers. We thought it might help others as well.

When you are reading a message and want to reply to it click on the "Reply to the message" link on your screen. The Subject automatically pops in as a "RE: with that previous commenter's subject line." When you Reply to a message your message will appear as part of the original poster's subject thread. It will appear beneath the initial message to which you are replying.

However, you may also create a NEW subject line that may be much more helpful for you and others. For example, you may want to address a part of someone's message but wish to initite a new idea. Your new subject line will have its own distinctive place in the Subject index. It will be easier for other to reply to or read messages about your new idea.

I think you'll find it's easier to read a cluster of related ideas rather than a lot of discrete messages. Hence we encourage participants to use the "Reply" feature. But if you choose to supply your own subject line, you can help other to pinpoint your remarks.

Hope this helps.

Laurie Maak
Info Ren

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