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RE: A question for the librarians

Dear Velma,

If there is a consortium of "environmental librarians" I want to know about it and join!

As to youe question about receptivity: I can only tell you about my experiences with the very specialized materials the 8 participating libraries have been receiving through the grant project I am directing: "Resources for Economic Viability in Sustainable Agriculture."

At the start of the project year I wrote to perhaps 25 or 30 educational institutions, non-profits and gov. agencies that produce newsletters and / or publications catalogs and asked them add our 8 sites to their mailing lists. As a result my office has also been added to SOME of those mailing lists, but not all -- so I have a sense of just how much mail the libraries are getting. (Quite a bit). Not a one of the librarians has complained or said that this-or-that publication is no good, they wish they were not receiving it.

As we have come toward the end of the project and librarians were asked if they would continue to receive publications which we would now have to pay for. A small # of publications were selected and purchased for continuation for an additional year beyond the end of the grant. However, by and large, the librarians felt they only wished to receive what came for free. In our mostly rural setting with limited local funding, cost is a HUGE consideration.

This is probably not news to you, but in this case the evidence is empirical, not based on assumption & supposition.


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