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Exciting discussion

Hi all:

By day I edit books for faculty members at the University of California, Santa Cruz. On my own time I hike in our beautiful state parks and national forests. Currently I am serving on a City of Santa Cruz (California) task force: The San Lorenzo Urban River Plan Task Force. We are charged with oversight of the US Army Corps of Engineers levy-raising project and at the same time would love to see the salmon swimming in our streams again. There are a few but I want to see more. The coho have gone. We want them back. How can we make this possible? Is it legal to fish in this river? How do I find out?

My partner is a library media technician at an elementary school. The school doesn't even have a full-time librarian. The technology budget is very slim and teachers are only beginning to become interested in the Internet. The library media technician is also expected to be the school computer consultant. How will our future citizens learn how to use the internet?

I look forward to finding allies.

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