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Rules of the Road

These rules will help the participants work together as a group towards our common goal of making libraries a more valuable source of environmental information. As with all Internet discussion groups this site will encourage and enforce certain rules of behavior. In order to allow broad and productive Dialogue, the discussion on this Web site maintains the following guidelines:
  1. In your first message introduce yourself to the group. Tell us who you are and a sentence or two about your background and interests that bring you to the discussion.

  2. When providing references be sure to include the URL and why it is valuable.

  3. Participants are invited to maintain a collaborative problem-solving approach. We hope all participants learn more about existing needs, available resources and options for meeting these needs.

  4. In order to maintain a collegial and productive discussion we encourage the following elements in our discussions:

  • Limit your comments to the topics under discussion.

  • Be concise. Avoid postings which are lengthy or repetitious.

  • Recognize the ideas and opinions of other participants.
  • Encourage others to participate.
  • Avoid using loaded language and hyperbolic rhetoric.
  • Avoid personal attacks on people inside or outside of this forum.
  • Don't use this forum to sell your ideas or products.

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