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How to Participate

The success of the EPA Library Dialogue depends upon broad and active participation. Here's how you can take part:
  • Sign up for the online discussion in the section of the Web site entitled Join the Dialogue.

  • Learn more about environmental resources and library use of the Internet in the Briefing Book section. Encourage friends and colleagues who can contribute to the discussion to join in the activity.

  • Plan to allocate approximately thirty minutes daily to review the daily messages, summaries and the background material. Please make brief comments as you feel appropriate.

  • Review the agenda and join the discussion.

  • Follow the discussion. You may read the Dialogue using message Threads (all replies to the first message are grouped below that message), a Subject matter index or Date and Author indices.

  • Post a message. Messages are posted to the discussion by using a comment form on the web site. When you click on a message in the discussion, you will see two hot links in the top corners of the screen. If you want to start a new topic, click on the link "Post a New Message" in the upper left-hand corner. If you want to reply to a previous message just click on the link "Reply to This Message" in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Create clear subject headers. We would like to solicit your help in making the discussion easy to follow. As those of you who are familiar with asynchronous discussions know, subject matter headers and threads can be cumbersome to follow. This happens because participants often do not take the time to summarize their message accurately in the header line. Please take the time to select a good message header that succinctly encapsulates your thoughts.

    Please also remember that unlike e-mail, the Reply feature may not always be your best option. Your thoughts on the topic under discussion may be breaking new ground; under these circumstances please post a new message.

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