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Tom B.K. Goldtooth

Tom B.K Goldtooth is the National Coordinator of the Indigenous Environmental Network, which is an alliance of Native grassroots groups and communities working on environmental issues. He has been a leader within Native social, economic and environmental justice issues for over 20 years.

During the 1990,s he has provided local, regional, national, and international leadership to Indigenous Tribal Nations and Native grassroot communities concerning environmental protection policies on and near Native lands. From the 1991 People of Color Environmental Justice Leadership Summit to the present he has been an activist,, advocate, organizer and policy maker within the environmental justice movement within Native communities as well as building coalitions and linkages between the Native community, people of color communities, and environmental and health organizations.

Tom is a founding board member of the Washington Office on Environmental Justice; the Environmental Justice Fund Initiative; the Great Lakes Regional Indigenous Environmental Justice Advisory Council Sub-Committee on Waste Facility and Siting and was instrumental in the creation of the Indigenous Sub-Committee to address environmental justice issues impacting Tribal Nations.

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