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photo of Howard FoxHoward Fox

Howard Fox has been a librarian at Seattle Public Library for twenty-five years, working at the Central Library in the reference departments dealing with the subjects of science, technology, and business. His working life has seen rapid changes in technology affecting fundamentally the way libraries and librarians do business.

In the environmental field Howard represented the Seattle Public Library in the city of Seattle's efforts to bring city departmental environmental education programs into the classrooms of Seattle schools and to promote environmental stewardship among the citizens of Seattle. As part of these initiatives Howard worked with colleagues to develop the Environmental Information Center in the Central Library (http://www.spl.org/environment/environm.html). He also secured a grant to update the city of Seattle's "TREE - Teaching Resources in Environmental Education - Guide" by creating the Seattle Environmental Education Homepage (http://seeh.spl.org).

Most recently Howard has been an active staff participant in planning for the building of a new Central Library to be built as part of the successful Seattle bond issue passed in 1998. Included in that work are plans to restructure the delivery of reference services in the new library slated to open in 2003.

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