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photo of Pat Eklund
Pat Eklund

Pat Eklund grew up in Marin County, where she developed an abiding respect and appreciation for the beautiful natural environment that surrounded her. Pat is the oldest of four children and credits her parents with instilling in her motivation and drive to succeed in her career balanced with a strong desire to help people in her community.

Pat graduated from Terra Linda High School in 1969. The day after graduation, she began working for the US Army Corps of Engineers spending five years at the Bay Model in Sausalito and three years in San Francisco. Pat worked full-time to earn her tuition for college which she attended full-time. Despite carrying that heavy workload, she graduated from San Francisco State University in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts (cum laude). Pat went on to receive her Masters in Public Administration (cum laude) from Golden Gate University in 1979. Demonstrating her thirst for knowledge, in 1987, she obtained a Masters of Science in Environmental Management from the University of San Francisco, 1987.

In 1977, Pat began working for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) where she is currently employed as an environmental manager. Pat has been at the EPA for over 20 years where she has managed several programs including the Underground Storage Tanks, Ground Water, Ocean Dumping, Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Programs.

Continuing her desire to give back to her community, Pat served on the Novato Planning Commission for over two years. She also served on the Marin County Flood Control Board, as President of the Hillside Park East Homeowner's Association, the Novato Community Hospital Board and the North Marin Federation of Homeowner's Board. Currently, Pat is on the Hamilton Restoration Advisory Board, the Steering Committee for the North Bay Wetlands Project and the Environmental Quality Committee for the League of California Cities.

The practical knowledge that Pat has accumulated in her professional and civic life has been very helpful in her work on the City Council. Pat was first elected in June 1995, to fill the seat vacated by Harry Moore when he was elected Supervisor. Pat won her re-election to the Council in November 1997 with about 65% of the vote. In serving on the Council, Pat has proven to be a leader. Due to illness of Mayor Ernie Gray, Pat lead the Council and the community through the arduous General Plan revision hearings. Pat's hard work produced a new General Plan that is very balanced, allowing for economic growth and ensuring protection of the environment.

Pat has made many contributions to the community in her term of office. She is an advocate for youth and is pleased to have the skatepark, Gymnastics and Teen Center, and lighted ballfields at Indian Valley Campus. Pat initiated the formation of the Housing and Services Commission which has been instrumental in helping the city prepare a revised Housing Element in the General Plan and promoting workforce housing. Under Pat's watch, the City's Police Department has been significantly strengthened with the addition of 5 new officers, a K-9 unit and one detective.

One of Pat's main goals is to improve the fiscal health of the City of Novato. She has devoted countless hours toward economic development. As Mayor, she has had meetings with major employers to hear their concerns and needs for expansion to retain these companies in Novato. Pat has met with numerous companies that are interested in coming to Novato and has made several presentations to attract new businesses to our community. Pat voted to add an Economic Development Specialist (in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce) and serves on the Economic and Tourism Committee of the Council.

Packing more activities into one day than most people do in a week, Pat still finds time to be a member of the Soroptomists of North Bay, American Association of University Women, Novato Chamber of Commerce, Novato Historical Guild, and the Sierra Club. She is also an honorary member of the Indian Artists.

With Pat on the Council, the Council has become more moderate and reasonable which has allowed the City to actually get things done and make progress. It is easy to see that the drive that propelled Pat to excel in her professional life has an equally beneficial effect when applied to her work on the Novato City Council. Pat Eklund is one of the hardest working Councilmembers -- and it shows.

Pat has also been active in the League of California Cities where she serves currently as First Vice President of the Mayors and Council Members Department. She is on the Board of Directors for the League of California Cities and also serves on the Environmental Quality and Public Safety Policy Committees for the League.

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