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photo of Judy DuncanJudy A. Duncan

Customer Services Division Director, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. 707 No. Robinson, P.O. Box 1677, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-1677. Telephone: 405-702-1000 Fax: 405-702-100. E-mail: Judy.Duncan@deqmail.state.ok.us

Judy Duncan has worked in environmental programs for the State of Oklahoma since 1974. Her current responsibilities include managing the Department of Environmental Quality's customer assistance and laboratory programs. Judy has been a public school teacher of science and biology and has worked in a trace metals research laboratory. Her first assignments with the state's environmental agency included helping to develop programs for following up on inspections of water and wastewater inspections. She later became the director of the state's environmental laboratory.

In 1993, when the DEQ was formed by consolidation of environmental agencies, Judy was given the opportunity to help Oklahoma become the first state in the nation to develop a customer assistance program. This program has served as a model for other states. In addition to providing various customer assistance, information and outreach activities, the Customer Services Division serves as a focal point within the agency for initiatives aimed at simplification of regulatory programs in Oklahoma.

Judy holds a BA in Biological Sciences from Oklahoma State University. She is an avid reader of mysteries and is learning to enjoy four-wheeling with her husband in his new jeep.

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