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photo of Steve CurwoodSteve Curwood

Steve Curwood is the Executive Producer and Host of National Public Radio's Living On Earth. Curwood created Living On Earth in the spring of 1990, and the show has run continuously since April 1991. Living On Earth's proven track record of fair and balanced journalism includes its presence in eight of the top ten American markets, reaching more than a million listeners each week on over 240 affiliate stations across the United States. Additionally, Living On Earth broadcasts to nearly 130 countries around the globe on the 400 stations of the Armed Forces Radio Network. The program has a proven track record of fair and balanced journalism and has won numerous awards, ranging from the Edward R. Murrow Award of the Radio and Television News Director Association to the top documentary award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Steve's relationship with National Public Radio extends back to 1979, when he was a reporter and host of the weekend edition of All Things Considered. He has reported on science, politics, and the environment for National Public Radio, The Boston Globe, and WBUR-FM and WGBH-TV in Boston. He shared the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service as part of The Boston Globe's education team. Steve also hosts National Public Radio's World of Opera and has hosted the Voice of America's Radio Earthwatch. He was the recipient of 1992's New England Environmental Leadership Award for his efforts to promote environmental awareness.

Steve's recent reporting includes a groundbreaking series on chemical compounds that disrupt the endocrine system and their effects on human health and fertility, now the subject of the course on Public Communication and Environmental Change he teaches as a visiting lecturer at Harvard University. In addition, he serves as thesis advisor for seniors completing their work in the environmental science and public policy concentration and is a member of the University's Environmental Committee.

Steve's education includes an AB degree from Harvard University; he attended high school at the Westtown School in Westtown, Pennsylvania.

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