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A National Dialogue convened by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
and hosted by Information Renaissance
with additional support from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Discussion Agenda

The overall discussion on Public Involvement in EPA Decisions is divided into ten topics, as shown in the table below. Each day's topic is linked to a longer description of the topic, together with several numbered statements on which Dialogue participants are invited to comment. With each of these statements there are one or more suggested "possible threads." You can initiate a new discussion thread by posting a message with a unique title on the "Subject:" line. Other people can follow up on a thread by replying to any message in the thread. We hope that participants will pay careful attention to the thread structure, since this will produce the cleanest record of the ongoing discussion.

In the table below you can click on a date to view the archive of messages on that day's topic. The sand dollar leads you to today's discussion. Information on the topic of the day is available if you click on the topic column. And if you click on the entry for Panelists, you will obtain information on the people who are serving as panelists for the day. Daily summaries may be accessed through links in the Summaries column.

Day Topic    
July 10
Tuesday Introductions/Goals Panelists Summary
July 11
Wednesday Outreach Panelists Summary
July 12
Thursday Information Panelists Summary
July 13
Friday Assistance Panelists Summary
July 14
Saturday Catch-up   Summary
July 16
Monday Collaboration Panelists Summary
July 17
Tuesday Permits and Rules Panelists Summary
July 18
Wednesday Local Issues/Superfund Panelists Summary
July 19
Thursday States/Tribes/Municipalities Panelists Summary
July 20
Friday Evaluation Panelists Summary

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This EPA Dialogue is managed by Information Renaissance. Messages from participants are posted on this non-EPA web site. Views expressed in this dialogue do not represent official EPA policies.