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Quality Education

Access to high quality education is one of the four themes of the Draft Master Plan ("Access..." section). The Plan describes quality education in terms of qualified and inspiring teachers, a rigorous curriculum, participation in California's public universities, instructional materials, learning support, administrators, and a safe, well-maintained physical plant. Links to material relevant to many of these topics can be found below and under Related Issues. The plan also addresses the importance of conditions that help young children to be "ready learners" (see School Readiness issue page) who can benefit from quality educational experiences.

  • Public Schools - Issue at a Glance Broad overview of attitudes and proposed reforms with link to survey results (Public Agenda)
  • California Profile: Student data from National Assessment of Educational Progress report cards (National Center for Education Statistics)
  • California Higher Education. Measuring up 2000: State Report Card covers preparation, participation, affordability, completion and benefits (National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education)
  • Public Schools Accountability Act: Brief summary of California's process for ranking schools, with links to elements (EdSource Glossary; scroll down to "Public Schools")
  • Preventing Early School Failure: Providing students with what they need to succeed (Short paper; Educational Leadership)
  • Beyond Social Promotion and Retention: Reports research and gives 5 strategies (North Central Regional Education Laboratory)
  • All One System: Lack of effective links pre-K to university threatens success at every level (Education Commission of the States Clearinghouse)
  • Literacy: Background, research and implications for states and local level of ESEA literacy programs; with policy questions (8 page PDF file; Education Commission of the States)
  • Raising Our Sights: Addresses whether expectations differ for college preparatory students; why so many require remediation or enter the workforce without needed skills; ways to restructure K-12 to increase achievement. (56 page PDF report, National Commission on the High School Senior Year)

Related Issues

Quality Education is related to all of the topics in the Master Plan; the links below lead to pages on this site that give more information in selected areas.

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