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"In the past, application of technology to education was often motivated by a desire to implement 'teacher proof' instruction. Technology was viewed as a 'black box,' something that could be bestowed on schools and classrooms from above. An increasing body of literature on technology implementation efforts suggests that this goal was not only unrealistic but also fundamentally misguided." ... "Of central concern to this project is the use of technology as a catalyst for changing schools in ways that better support the acquisition of higher-order skills by all students. Such uses of technology can have a particularly significant impact on the schooling of economically disadvantaged students...." (U.S. Department of Education research report, first entry below)

The Master Plan includes two specific recommendations (number 26, on professional development, and number 53, on technology partnerships) and several references to technology. A Commission on Technology in Learning is also now at work. You can view the questions they have asked and e-mail your opinion.

Related Issues

Technology is related to many of the topics in the Master Plan; the links below lead to pages on this site that give more information in selected areas.

  • Equity
  • School Readiness
  • Professional Personnel

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