• Pittsburgh I-Net. This proposal was developed by Information Renaissance for a coalition of community service organizations seeking low-cost, high-speed Internet access in conjunction with the rebuilding of the community cable television system. The proposal was based on an earlier presentation to the Pittsburgh Cable Commission, which outlined the opportunity presented by the cable rebuild and highlighted the precedent of supporting an institutional network (I-Net) as part of a cable franchise agreement.
  • Smart Building. This preliminary proposal was prepared jointly by Information Renaissance and Three Rivers Connect for submission to the Southwest Pennsylvania Commission, the owner of the Regional Enterprise Tower in Pittsburgh. The proposal was based upon a sketch previously prepared by Info Ren.
  • Wireless Neighborhoods. This is one of a series of proposals that helped fund the start of the Wireless Neighborhoods project. It was developed by a set of community service organizations and submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Business Plans

  • Smart Building. This plan describes the joint venture undertaken by Information Renaissance and Three Rivers Connect to implement the Smart Building concept in the Regional Enterprise Tower (the old Alcoa headquarters building in Pittsburgh) as part of a broader Pittsburgh I-Net.
  • Wireless Neighborhoods. This plan describes Info Ren's vision of a cooperative formed to operate a high-speed wireless network to serve community service organizations and businesses situated in economic development zones around the city of Pittsburgh. An executive summary provides a briefer description of this project, and a business strategy explains the proposed path to self-sufficiency.

Public Comments and Testimony

Conference Presentations

  • The Pittsburgh I-Net. Presentation to the National Association of Telecommunications Operating Agencies. [April 6, 2001]
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