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RE: Presidential Politics

Americans that understand we must all walk softly on
this Earth, and are connected to the environment that
surrounds us, have an incredibly monumentous election
approaching. We must choose a leader that is committed
to protection of our environment over protection of
polluting industry.My idea of critical issues include:

 1. Clean Air
 2. Clean Water
 3. Reduction of exposure to synthetic chemical toxins
 4. Genetically Modified Organisms
 5. Protection of our National Forests
 6. Wetland and coastal zone protection
 7. Alternative energy, renewable resources

Gore's voting record indicates a propensity to environmental
protection. Since reducing human exposure, especially children,
to pesticides is a personal conviction, I already knew of
Senator Lieberman's position in this area.

Texas is first in the Nation in some disturbing areas. This
is interesting from the Public Employees for Environmental
Responsibility web site.

 I'll refrain from commenting on oilman Cheney. Ralph Nader
has position statements on the environment on his web site.

 This is an example of information not available to everyone
reading newspapers or watching TV. I'm not trying to advocate
for a particular candidate,however the public deserves access
to as much information as possible to make an informed decision.
Searching the Internet provides information not available in
mainstream media. Libraries provide access to the Internet.

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