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Emerging Modes of Delivery, Certification and Planning

APPENDIX: Guest Presenters

Guest speakers
The following guest speakers addressed the working group on each assigned topic.

Forecasting and Planning

  • August Cubillo, California Postsecondary Education Commission
  • Peter Eliasberg, American Civil Liberties Union
  • Steve Mills, WestEd
  • Leonard Napolitano, Sandia National Laboratories*
  • Anne Padilla, Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Assessment and Certification

  • Theodore Mitchell**
  • Evelyn “Sam” Weiss, Golden West Community College
  • David Wadbrook, Heald College
  • Jerry Neece, Sun Microsystems

Emerging Modes of Instructional Delivery

  • Bernard Gifford**
  • Karen Steentofte, California Commission for Technology in Learning
  • Michael Ricketts, Finance and Facilities Working Group Consultant
  • John Fleischman, Outreach and Technical Assistance Network, Sacramento County Office of Education
  • John Kernan, Lightspan, Inc.*
  • Roy Pea, Stanford University
  • Richard Navarro, Commission on Technology in Learning
  • Eric Rofes, Humboldt State University
  • Richard Schorske, E-Learn Foundation

Emerging Organizational Forms

  • Jill Wynns, San Francisco Board of Education/California School Boards Association*
  • Joe Lucente, Fenton Charter School
  • Doris Alvarez, Preuss School
  • Keith Larick, Discovery School*
  • Andi Fletcher, Community Schools
  • Jack Azzaretto, University of California, Riverside

Adult/Noncredit Education

  • Felix Aquino, San Diego Community College
  • Katheryn Garlow, Palomar College*
  • Steven Glick, City College of San Francisco, Downtown Campus
  • Aaron Ogden, City College of San Francisco, Downtown Campus
  • Victoria Morrow, Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges*
  • Sylvia Oshima, Stockton Unified School District/California Teachers Association*
  • Joan Dailey Polster, Sacramento City Unified School District*
  • Chui Tsang, San Jose City College (Subgroup Chair)*
  • Mary Tobias Weaver, California Department of Education*

Adult/Noncredit Education (presented to subgroup)

  • Sharon Brannon, California Council on Adult Education
  • Patricia de Cos, California Research Bureau
  • John Delmatier, Proteus, Inc.
  • Rudolph Kastelic, Association of California School Administrators
  • Edward Kissam, Aguirre Inc.
  • Lynda Lee, Mira Costa College/Association of Community and Continuing Education
  • Bob Marr, Employment Development Department
  • Norma Morris, Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges
  • Patricia Rickard, Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Services
  • Rona Sherriff, Senate Office of Research
  • Sandra Steiger, Adult Education Administrator’s Association

* Working Group members
** Working Group Co-Chairs

Contents Summary Background I. Delivery
II. Organization III. Assessment IV. Certification V. Planning
VI. Adult Ed. Conclusion Presenters Members