Bridging the Urban Landscape: Tours

Photo of crowd in downtown Pittsburgh waiting for buses.

* The Neighborhoods: In Alphabetical Order. (Under construction.)

* An Adventure in Pittsburghese.
* Hetrick Collection: Slides of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. (Under construction.)
* Inaccurate Pittsburgh.
* A Little Journey in a Pittsburgh Taxicab. By Elbert Hubbard. 1915.
* Peculiarities of American Cities: Pittsburg. 1885.
* Pittsburg: A City Ashamed. By Lincoln Steffens. 1903.
* Pittsburg Dispatch: Pittsburgh Stamps.
* Pittsburgh: A Bicentennial Tribute 1758-1958. 1958.
* Pittsburgh Imaginary.
* Pittsburgh in the Comics.
* "The Pittsburgh Owl" -- A Prose Picture of Pittsburgh. 1925.
* Pittsburgh Portraits by Joseph Stella.
* Pittsburgh the Powerful. (Under construction.)
* "The Roosevelt Bears in Pittsburg." 1907. (Under construction.)
* Steel and Holly -- Christmas in Pittsburgh. 1925.
* A Walk down Fourth Avenue.
* Zadok Cramer's Where I Take My Cats in Pittsburgh And What We Do There.