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A National Dialogue on Social Security

The National Dialogue on Social Security is hosted by Information Renaissance with the assistance of Americans Discuss Social Security and sponsorship from the Prudential Foundation. The purpose of this activity is to increase public understanding of the issues surrounding Social Security reform and to encourage public participation in the national debate on Social Security through the Internet.

The present page serves as the project's general information page and includes the resources listed below. Use this page to learn about the structure of the National Dialogue and how you and your organization can participate.

Organization of the Site

This site has been organized to provide you with information on Social Security reform and with tools to allow you to participate in the discussion. The home page and table of contents for the project Website is accessible from anywhere on the site by clicking on the Network Democracy/Social Security logo at the top of the page. From the Table of Contents you can quickly reach any of the major subsections on the site. You can also reach these subsections through the buttons which appear at the bottom of this page and other pages on the site. The major subsections are as follows: The fifth button at the bottom of each page - labeled Home Page - brings you back to the project's home page and table of contents.

How You Can Take Part

The success of the National Dialogue on Social Security depends upon broad and active public participation. Here's how you can take part:
  • Sign up for the online discussion in the National Dialogue section of the Website.
  • Learn more about Social Security reform in the Fast Facts section.
  • Pose a Quick Question for experts in our Roundtable discussions.
  • Read various organizations' positions on Social Security reform in the Briefing Book.
  • Submit your organization's position to be placed in the Briefing Book for the National Dialog on Social Security. Please adhere to the following format:
    • Include your organization's name, address, telephone and Website
    • Briefly describe the purpose of your organization
    • Restrict your statement to no more than two printed pages
    • Send your statement by e-mail - either as plain text, HTML or an attached file from a word-processing program - to
  • Encourage your friends, relatives and colleagues to join in the activity.

Press Releases

Information for the press is available through the announcements listed below. For further information please contact or telephone 412-471-4636.

Participating Organizations

Many organizations are helping to announce the National Dialogue to their members and invite broad participation in this online event. If your organization would like to be listed as a participating organization, please send e-mail to or telephone 412-471-4636. We can provide a hot link to your organization's Website if you send it to us.

If your organization is involved in the issue of Social Security reform and did not participate in last December's White House Conference on Social Security, you may add your organization's statement on Social Security to the Briefing Book for the National Dialogue. Please consult the Briefing Book for further information.

Search the Site

Each of the four major topic areas can be searched for key words. Keyword analyses of position papers and statements in the online discussion can also help guide you through material on the Website.

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