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September 18-19: Quick Comment Form

During the first two days of the EPA Dialogue, participants discussed the types of environmental information they wanted. We have created a comment form based on the main points made in the discussion. We would like everyone who registered for the Dialogue to take a few minutes and tell us which of the summary points are most important to them.

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1. Click on the box next to the summary points that are most important to you.

Timely access to information on the EPA web site.
Free access to databases of state and national air and water quality regulations.
Guides that explain the regulatory process and translate information into laypersonís terms.
Guides for local citizens that help them navigate the EPA site.
Guides to determine a local companyís compliance status.
Better access to grey literature.
Searchable Health Effects section on the EPA site.
Tools to interpret water quality data and put local issues into perspective.
Online access to FOIA materials.
Major documents, such as environmental impact statements should be placed online.
Improved web access through better navigational tools, search engines, and Web site design.
Up-to-date databases with functional links.
Searchable text documents (vs. unsearchable Adobe Acrobat format).
More information on the administrative organization of the EPA (who does what and reports to whom).

2. List any other major points you think should be included in the summary for the first two days.


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