Network Readiness Workshop
Preliminary Questionnaire
and Registration Form

PERSONAL: Please provide the following information:

Name:    (Last)	  (First) 



Contact Information
	City:		 ZIP: 

ACTIVITIES: Please give examples of current networking activities in your school or school district.

BARRIERS: Please indicate some of the barriers to success that you have encountered.

GOALS: Please list your networking goals for the upcoming year.

INFORMATION NEEDED: Please indicate what type of information you and your district most urgently need to develop an effective networking program.

Educational value of the Internet
How other school districts are using the network
How students, teachers and administrators can gain access to the network
Strategies for effective leadership in the development of networking programs
Professional development for teachers and librarians
Technical architecture
Funding sources

COLLABORATIONS: Please indicate what role your school or school district plays in consortia which focus on educational networking.

We are part of a consortium
We are providing networking services to others
We would like to be a member of such a consortium

EXPERTISE: Please indicate those areas where you and your school district have adequate expertise and support.

Technical support
Staff development

SUPPORT: Please indicate the sources of this expertise (internal staff, consultants, vendors, etc.) and your major unfilled support needs.

SUSTAINABILITY: How do you expect to be able to sustain technology efforts in your organization?

Set-aside in operating budget
Periodic bond issues
Grants and donations

SCOPE: On what scale do you expect to implement networking programs in your organization during the next 3 years?

A few connections in the schools
Connectivity to every school
Connectivity to every classroom

REFORM: Do you view networking technology as a useful adjunct to district efforts at educational reform?


If so, how does the technology assist reform efforts?

Enhances community involvement
Allows improvement in teaching strategies
Brings additional resources into the classroom
Increases the relevance of student learning
Reduces isolation of the school and classroom

COMMENTS: Please add any additional comments you have on the subject of Networking Readiness or on the upcoming Networking Readiness Workshop.

ATTENDENCE: Will you be able to attend the Networking Readiness Workshop on June 30?

Yes, and I need handicap parking accommodations
No, but please inform me of future activities of this type

      Thanks for participating!     

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