Pittsburgh I-Net Working Group

c/o Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation
5149 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Ph. (412) 441-9833 Fax No. (412) 441-6956

September 10, 1999

Mr. James Mazur
Regional Vice President, AT&T
4 Parkway Center South
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Dear Mr. Mazur,

The Pittsburgh I-Net (Institutional Network) Working Group is a powerful coalition of organizations committed to the creation of a Pittsburgh I-Net. For the past four months approximately 40 organizations representing tens of thousands of constituents have been meeting. To gain a clear understanding about the I-Net Working Group and its goals, you can access our website at www.network-democracy.org/pgh-inet.

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation (BGC) is presently playing a lead organizing role for the I-Net Working Group. The BGC has a rich history of building coalitions of organizations, such as the recent efforts relating to organizing community, union, and City support that resulted in the East Liberty Nabisco plant re-opening.

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation has been given the task of arranging a meeting with you, as the regional leader for AT&T, in order that the I-Net Working Group can share information on who it is, and its goal pertaining to the creation of the Pittsburgh I-Net. Clearly, we understand the pivotal role AT&T can play in the creation of an I-Net infrastructure that will allow low-income and minority children the chance to compete for high-tech jobs of the future.

Our goal is to begin the process of building a strong partnering relationship with AT&T to move telecommunication forward in Pittsburgh. I will call your office to arrange a meeting. We would be more than willing to come to your office. I expect about 25 participants.






Richard R. Flanagan

Youth Development Director

cc: C. Michael Armstrong, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of AT&T,

AT&T Board of Directors, Mayor Tom Murphy, e-mailed I-Net Working Group & posted on website

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