HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> alysis sets forth the specific recommendations contained in the final report of the Governance Working Group (in bold print), organized by distinct governance level. The staff comments that follow each section are intended to illuminate those recommendations, the deliberations that led to those recommendations, and/or important information that should be considered in evaluating those recommendations. 

Goals of the Governance Working Group

The Governance Working Group recommended improvements in the structure of education governance to meet three goals:

K-12 State-level Recommendations Staff Comments: K-12 Intermediate-level Recommendations
A state-level inquiry, organized independent of currently existing agencies, should examine county offices and regional entities and their ability to meet current and emerging district, intermediate, and regional needs, including fiscal oversight, academic oversight, and management and administrative assistance. After this inquiry is performed and reported, the Master Plan should incorporate a corresponding course of action.
Staff Comments: K-12 District-level Recommendations Staff Comments: California Community Colleges (CCC)

Board of Governors:

Local Boards:  California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC) Staff Comments:

Preschool - Postgraduate Recommendations

Staff Comments:
Prepared by Stephen Blake, Charles Ratliff, and John Gilroy, Committee Consultants