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Timeline: Developing the New Master Plan

The current period of public comment on the California Master Plan for Education is a step in a process that began in Fall of 1999 with interviews with educators and legislators. Members of the Joint Legislative Committee to develop a Master Plan for Education held town hall meetings and gathered information in committee hearings. In August of 2000 the Joint Committee released a "Framework" document to guide the preparation of the Plan.

Seven working groups covering the aspects of the Framework were also established beginning in August 2000, and began to meet the following January. An interim report was released in September of 2001, and progress and findings were discussed in October. Working groups concluded their meetings by February, 2002. Reports were released and committee hearings held in February and March of 2002. In April this testimony was used to formulate a Draft Master Plan, which has now (10 May, 2002) been released. The schedule for the following months is:

May - July 2002 Hearings throughout California; online dialogue 3-14 June; feedback from the public is encouraged.
July 2002 Testimony and public feedback will be used by the Joint Committee to prepare the final draft of the Master Plan.
August 2002 The Master Plan for Education will be adopted by the Joint Committee and submitted to the Legislature.
September 2002 - December 2002 Data will be compiled and existing law will be reviewed to develop legislation in accord with the Master Plan.
2003 and beyond Legislation will be developed and introduced to begin implementation of the Master Plan.